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Website Sponsorship

 Help Support Programs in Liberia and our Local Community here in Northern California

Relief, Inc. welcomes website sponsorships for this website and any additional websites that it operates and runs. Funds received from sponsorships help us expand our impact and reach out to many more lives.

Website sponsorships are available on an annual basis and vary depending on the following:

  1. a button or logo on the home page linking to your website
  2. a button or logo on a secondary page – partnerships
  3. a button or logo with text added in our outgoing newsletters all of the above

We reserve the right to refuse an offer depending on current contractual agreements etc. Interests that align with the organization’s purposes are sincerely welcomed.

We look forward to receiving your sponsorships offers.  When making an offer, please clearly specify which of the above options you would like to include.  Please contact us and make an offer.

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