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The investment of your time and funds will help change one or more lives. Definitely and endearingly  Relief, Inc. depends on the help of individuals, communities, corporate partners to fulfill our mission and our vision. We have various opportunities where you can connect with Relief, Inc. and put your idealism into action.

Donate Funds: Relief, Inc. needs your funds to sustain and accomplish its mission.

Donate in kind: Do you have miscellaneous items or assets that you currently don’t need and would like to donate to Relief Inc? Your donation is tax deductible if you live in the US. Read More…

* Become a Partner

* Become a sponsor

* Form a Support Group

*  Join Relief Inc 25 Ship Club

*  Collect School Supplies

*  Sponsor Tailoring Training at WOW Tailoring School

*  Raise Funds Change 4 Change Campaign

*  Join Our Social Networking Groups

*   Purchase supplies from our affiliates. A portion of your purchase goes to Relief, Inc. to projects and services. Visit our affiliate’s page.

*  This is where Everyone can participate…including YOU:

Raise money for Relief, Inc.  By searching the web using GoodSearch. It’s easy and doesn’t cost you a cent! Read More…

*  Volunteer:  There are a variety of opportunity to help, whether you live in Modesto CA, another state, or country. Help us spread the word and raise support. We need help with advertising, fundraising, and contacting businesses and organizations Read more… or Contact us.

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