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Drive Information

Drive Information

Thanks for your interest in running a book / school supplies / pencil drive or collection activity. We are grateful for your contribution to help us make a difference.

Please note that we particularly welcome your donations of school, office and related supplies.

You can send these in without making a donation to cover shipping to Liberia. This is effective until further notice.

To facilitate this process, please review all the information on this page.

Information You Need to Note / What We Need From You

1. Notify us – fill out our convenient online drive registration form

2. Advertise the book / school supplies / pencil drive. Here is a link if you would like a flyer for advertising your Book Drive.  Book Drive Flyer

3. We would like to receive pictures of your activity. Please email them to  You can also mail printed pictures to the address below.

4. We would like to add information about your group and activity to our website and

e-newsletter. There are advantages to adding your information. Your group gets publicity and recognition, and it can motivate other groups. Additionally, this helps us to expand our impact.

5. Should you have any newspaper coverage or create any posters, we would appreciate a copy.

6. Your drive / activity will be carried on at your own risk. As Relief Inc. will not be there physically to participate in or monitor the situation, we cannot be held liable for any occurrences. Please proceed with caution.

7.We require that all book donations include a donation (suggested $50.00 for each average size box of books) to help cover the cost of shipping them.

8.Kindly notify us of what you’re planning to send through our contact form before shipping.

Donations towards shipping can be sent in check, money order or made online here

You may be able to get sponsorship from local businesses to cover shipping costs.

You could raise money through other fund raising means.

Relief Inc. can offer a tax receipt for donations to individuals and businesses in the USA.

Shipping Information

You can ship your supplies to the following address:

Relief, Inc.

2900 Standiford Ave. Suite 16B

PMB 295

Modesto, CA 95350-6575

Additional Information you may find Useful

Relief_Inc_brochure (pdf format): You can print this out or we would be happy to mail several copies to you. Let us know if you need us to mail them.

Should you need additional information, feel free to contact us

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