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Woman Of Worth


Teaching Liberian women self-sufficiency. This scholarship helps women learn a trade, to own their own businesses or at least become employed.


Relief, Inc. will build a school to create jobs for these women, then they may train other women that will come into the project.


Relief Inc’s– Women of Worth (WOW ) program is an important training program that opens the door of opportunity to the unemployed to acquire crucial life skills, become gainfully employed or to start their own businesses. The career choices and options in Liberia, West Africa are in desperate need of enhancement. This project helps women become self sufficient which is one of Relief Inc’s primary focuses. Relief, Inc. will eventually build a school to support the WOW program and other educational projects.

Relief, Inc. needs your help with expanding the efforts with the WOW project. Many of the students do not have the financial resources to pay for this training. Our project needs money to expand our offerings as there has been increased demand. 100% of your  check and cash donation goes to the program to provides training in the following areas:

• Tailoring / Sewing
• Secretarial Studies
• Cooking Classes
• Basic Computer Skills
• Soap Making
• Adult Literacy

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