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The goal of Relief, Inc. Advocacy is to involve individuals, groups and organizations with passion and resources to make a difference in the lives of the Liberian people by supporting/volunteering efforts toward one or more of the following projects:

Grassroots Resources Optimizing Wellness – GROWSponsor the Agriculture students at the University of Liberia to become volunteers and work with farmers/Landowners. Relief, Inc. providing tools, seeds to farmers for sustainability.

Hope On Wheels – HOW – Deliver Food, Cloth, Education & Medical supplies to war-torn Liberians.

Kids In School (KIS)—Sponsor a child in school. That includes school supplies, uniforms, and tuition. Monthly or annually provide simple needs like toilet paper, food, and soap. Help them get the education they need to get ahead.


Relief, Inc. Liberia Book Trust—Liberia Book Trust in partnership with Relief, Inc. work jointly to bring books to Liberian schools. By 2011 we want to see a reduction of the student to textbook ratios from the present ratios of 27 to 1 and 9 to 1 in public primary and secondary schools, respectively.

Sending Hope In Packages – SHIP – Shipping cloth, Food, Books, and supplies for survival and then thriving through self sufficiency.

Wellness Investors Now Give Service – WINGS –Recruit Doctors/Nurses to go into Liberia to educate and medicate girls and women about STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) prevention. STD is destroying the future of Liberia. About 45 out of 50 women are STD positive. Our goal is to reduce STD’s. The group that is being affected is 50% of Liberia’s population.


Women of Worth (WOW)—This project provides scholarships to help women learn a trade in order to establish their own businesses or at least become self-employed. These women then must complete community service hours to graduate. Women of Worth are the road to self sufficiency.


Chapters meet monthly to brainstorm and plan “how” they will speak up for their selected project. Some chapters will meet less often.


All chapters look for creative ways to produce funding support for the project of their choice. Ideas include Ice Cream Socials, Dessert & Coffee Hour, BBQ Dinner sales, Benefit Dinner, Auction, Walk-a-Thons, etc. Some chapters may receive offerings during special church services or events specializing on their project. Another idea is to approach business owners or charity leagues that have great financial resources and are in need of a non-profit organization to support.


Host events to gain exposure, financial support and broaden the network.

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