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Relief Inc. is a grassroots organization that works in partnership with local businesses, high school students, college students and trained individuals who specialize in development work in Liberia, West Africa. The background of our Board Members and staff is very diverse. Their experience ranges from International entertainment, full-time work experience in international development and advanced degrees in business, education, development and leadership.

Mrs. Phebe Dennis-Fortt

Founder/CEO, USA

Phebe was born and raised in Liberia, West Africa. She is the descendant of American slaves and the niece of one-time President, Tolbert. Her family was from Careysburg City, Liberia. When her uncle was assassinated in 1981, Phebe left the country and came to the US. Her first job was with Healthtex, a children’s clothing company. Phebe also started working on her US residency through the Immigration and Naturalization Agency. For various reasons Phebe moved to California. Phebe worked at the African Safari, braiding hair in San Francisco, she also began studying nursing to become a nursing assistant. Careers for Phebe were varied. From training as a switchboard operator to working at the San Francisco Opera, to working for Chase Manhattan Bank.

Phebe still longed to return home to visit all her family. Upon her father’s request, she returned to Liberia in 1989 for a month’s visit. After her visit her family was displaced (forced out of their home). Her father was killed in the war, her mother also died needlessly. Upon her return to the United States she became the Director of Personnel at a security company. In 1993 she met her husband Ronald A.J.Fortt. She married Mr.Fortt in 1998 and moved to Modesto after building Tracy Toyota and a new home. They now have a set of 5 year old twin boys. During this time, one of Phebe’s sisters got shot and went into a coma. When she came out of the coma, Phebe reunited her with other family members in Liberia. Another sister has been missing since 2002.

Before long Phebe began to realize that the 14 1/2 year war in her homeland was devastating her family and friends. There had to be something done. In 2002, she founded Relief,Inc., a 501 (C)(3) humanitarian non-profit organization. Relatively quickly she collected enough clothes, food and medical supplies to fill at 40-foot container. She also found an NGO (non governmental organization) with volunteers to help in Liberia as doctors and managers. Then she began her quest for funding. Eventually, Relief will phase out the shipments and begin to teach the Liberian people to become self-sufficient.

Phebe spends most of her time searching ways to make Relief Inc. an organization that will have a profound positive impact for thousands of Liberians that have suffered during the past wars. Her Board of Directors consists of several prominent people that assists the cause.

Mr. Ronald A. J. Fortt

Co-Founder/Advisory Board Member, USA

Ron Fortt is a native New Yorker, originally from Manhattan. He attended CCNY. After this time Ron began his retail experience by starting his own company as an independent contractor selling clothing, leather products and other clothing accessories in the garment district of New York. This and other retail ventures were the springboard for Ron Fortt’s progressive sales career. With a substantial background in sales and an entrepreneurial spirit, Ron Fortt is a seasoned retail professional with over 30 years experience. Ron Fortt attended the NADA Dealer Academy and graduated in 1995. Ron Fortt has successfully run multiple franchises, both import and domestic. In 1996, Ron Fortt was identified by Toyota as a qualified Operator/Partner to execute the successful opening of an Open Point in Tracy, California. Ron Fortt has been able to exceed Toyota’s expectations by over 200% and ranked in the top 300 stores in the nation. Ron served on The Toyota National Dealer Council Advisory Board. Ron is the Co-Founder of OneCommand, an ASP that serves the Automotive Industry. Ron is also the founder of Forttified Training, a National Training Company.

MC Hammer

Advisory Board Member, USA

MC Hammer, real name Stanley Kirk Burrell, was born on March 30, 1962. He was mainstream during the 1980’s and early 1990’s. He is mostly known for his dance moves, baggy pants and his song “U Can’t Touch This” that is still played everywhere.

Jerry S. Cooper

Board Member, USA

Jerry grew up in Arkansas. After graduating from the Univ. of Arkansas. Joined the US Air Force. Serviced four years and was discharged at Travis AF base and remained in California. Moved to Modesto is 1975 with Carnation Co. Later was appointed an agent with State Farm Insurance. Retired after 26 years. Jerry is married and has two adult children and one grandson.

Jerry passion is photography. He has traveled throughout the United States photographing many National Parks and places of interests.

Jerry is an active member of the Modesto 500 Lions club. He served as president in 2009-2010 and many positions prior. Jerry has won many awards from Lions Club international. He is involved with several other non-profits, mentoring or giving of his talents.

Mrs. Elfrieda Stewart-Tamba

Board Member, Liberia

Mr. Aloysius Barr

Board Member, Liberia

I was born unto the union of Mr. J. Benedictus Barr, Sr. and Mrs. Catherine Butler Barr in the city of Monrovia, Montserrado County. I am the fifth member of a family of seven. I obtained my secondary education at the Assembly of God High School in Monrovia. Upon graduation, I furthered my education by studying business administration. At present, I operate my own tailor shop. I am a Christian and a single parent with two children. For 9 years works as a General Coordinator, assesses on the ground logistics, shipping, qualifying families for our programs, locate partnerships for programs, reports to Relief, Inc. Modesto headquarters. He coordinates/transports clients requiring medical care. He recruits Board Members to assist in Liberia. He is presently attending University of Liberia majoring in Business Management.

Frank Musah Dean

Board Member, Liberia

Frank Musah Dean, Jr. is a practicing attorney in Liberia, West Africa. Mr. Dean attended Columbia University School of Law in New York City, Bailbrok College in England, Louis Arthur Grimes and School of Law and the University of Liberia.
Today Mr. Dean is the Managing Director of Dean & Associates Law Offices in Liberia, West Africa.
Mr. Dean is an expert in Litigation, negotiation and other legal services performed by practicing attorneys.
He has served as Chief Executive Officer with operational responsibilities for implementing the programs, policies and launching NOCAL’s First Offshore Oil Exploration. In addition to the experience already mentioned, Mr. Dean has been an Assistant Law Professor as well as the Deputy Minister of Justice for Economic Affairs.
Mr. Dean has International expertise as well as extensive knowledge and insight into how the government operates in Liberia, West Africa. Mr. Dean is a valuable member of the Board of Director of Relief Inc.

Ronald Charles Goady

Board Member, USA

Ronald Charles Goady is a native of the state of New York. He was raised in California and lived almost half of his life in the Central/South Central United States. Ronald has a Degree in Business Administration from Ottawa University in Kansas.

He has over 30 years of Business Management and Customer Relations/Client Relations experience in Communications and Software Implementation.

Ronald developed training materials and presented information regarding the implementation of software to individuals and business organizations, as well as managed and directed software implementations for Colleges and Universities in the United States.

Ronald co-founded, with his Father, the late Charles W. Goady and served as President of the D/FW (Dallas/Fort Worth) Economic Development Corporation, a 501c3 non-profit Corporation, in Dallas, Texas which served to promote and increase Financial Literacy among the economically disadvantaged in the area.

Ronald has a passionate interest in International Commerce and Marketing/Trade. He believes that more Americans should study and broaden their knowledge of other cultures and traditions to improve and increase the understanding of the world we live in.

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